Semos & Co. Real Estate Investments, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, owns, manages and developes a large collection of properties in the Dallas and Ft. Worth Area.

We have developed and renovated apartments as well as mixed-use properties. In the eighties, we were instrumental in the establishment of the Bishop Street Arts District in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Our specific efforts influenced the city to develop and adopt the Mixed Use Conservation District zoning there. We restored a number of the old houses there to their original Prairie and Craftsman styles.

Since many of our properties are old, we have concentrated these last few years on renovating them for the 21st Century. We believe that the older a building , the better physical condition it should be in , and, the more profitable it should be.

Our real estate brokerage activity is focused on Dallas commercial real estate. We have done extensive work in the East Dallas and Oak Cliff neighborhoods as well as Downtown Dallas. Assembling sites in these areas is a major part of our work.

Semos Management Phone: 214. 528. 2600

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